Philosophy – Simplicity and character. Geometric patterns, artistic details and surprising blend of textures is our thing.
Functionality – Unique pieces, simple and functional, we keep track of the latest design trends in order to implement our creations.
Social consciousness – Recovered wood, iron and glass. We aim to make sure that every piece we create is eco-friendly and can last you and your family a lifetime.


Zawadi Studio was born in Zanzibar, Tanzania, by an idea of two friends, the artist Vivide Mantero and the intrepeneur Marina Zanutto, both Italian, with the same passion for the island and to “save” ancient, forgotten things by giving them a new life. After Vivide moved to Portugal, in 2016, there was a magical encounter between her and the Portuguese designer Marta Oliveira. Together, they started the new adventure of Zawadi Studio in Cascais. All the pieces are still coming from the tropical island. Here, they are worked and transformed, to become unique and special works and furniture. A blend of modern an ethnic, by mixing traditional pieces and natural elements for a perfect fusion of styles.



Artist // Owner

Vivide Mantero

Many years ago, my father, passionated in sculpturing, has taught me to appreciate the iron, apparently so cold and stiff, yet so incredibly soft and full of life. In my opinion, Zanzibar and this material are strongly connected. The sea of this magical island changes color and scent every single moment. Iron is a fascinating substance, as alive as the sea itself. It can naturally turn into any color: from black to yellow, through all nuances of gray, brown and terracotta. I can give it any shape I like. Observing the shapes of nature, keeping inside of me the feeling of a special moment. In the attitude of Zanzibarians, consume does not mean consumerism: you can recover and repair everything and nothing should be wasted. That’s how an old pot, a can, a piece of cable can be turned into a sculpture, a table, a chair, or a frame. It’s so exciting creating a mask from a piece of an engine or from an old water tank. All my creations are entirely handmade. I consider my art as a gift and Zawadi means “gift” in Swahili. That’s why I gave this name to my studio and even to my daughter.


Vivide Mantero

Photographer // Sculptor // Designer

"Wherever I may live, throughout my life, I will always have an African heart"

Marta Oliveira

Designer // Interiores

Lover of things creative
"I believe in intuition and inspiration. At times i feel i am right while not knowing the reason." - Albert Einstein

André Lage

Designer // Craft worker

"If you can imagine it, I can do it"